April 2009

Happiness keeps you sweet

Trials keep you strong

Sorrows keep you human

Failures keep you humble

Success keeps you glowing

But only God can keep you going!

**Make Your Mess Your Message in 2009**


Hank Greenberg says the mess was not his fault.  He was referring to the financial fiasco involving American International Group (AIG)—the Company he used to head. 

Speaking before Congress this week, Greenberg said he felt no reponsibility for AIG’s fiscal irresponsibility because he wasn’t with the company.  What he didn’t say was he stepped down in 2005 when AIG came under pressure during an investigation of the company’s accounting practices.

 So how does someone who spent nearly 40 years at one company claim NO responsibility for it’s demise and misguidings less than three years after his departure?   What Greenberg will claim though is his own personal loss.  He was quoted at the hearing as saying, “Of course, I lost considerable net worth, but I’m working. My life is not materially changed.” 

When asked would he be willing to give the proceeds from his stock sales to help pay back what the Company owes the government.  Greenberg’s response: “Why would it go back to the taxpayers?  You go out in the street and start collecting from them.”  

How sad to see this 80-something-year-old involved in such a mess.