I have always said God gives up wake-up calls throughout our lives when He’s trying desperately to get our attention about something.  The question is, how often do you answer the phone or do you just ignore the call?  

A wake-up call is what I believed happened last night when my 19-year-old daughter, Janie, was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a drunk driver.  She was on her way back from Food Lion (less than 1/2 mile away from the house) when this young woman slammed into the back of our vehicle.

According to this nice couple who witnessed the accident, they said Janie was driving the speed limit when out of nowhere this driver came up and slammed into the back of our vehicle. They theorize she was trying to cut in between the two vehicles but misjudged her distance.

After a long night in the hospital, we returned home.  Janie is sore and has been diagnosed with a lower lumbar strain and a thoracic strain. I have some shattered nerves because I can’t help thinking  how much more serious the accident could’ve based on the impact and damage of both vehicles but God is good and obviously has a purpose for Janie and this other young lady.

 Both of the vehicles look to be total losses.

This young woman, who just turned 21, was so drunk she blew a 3.0 on the breathalyzer. In the state of NC .08 is legally drunk so I can’t believe she blew a 3.0. I don’t know how she could drive in that condition.  Police administered the test three times because I don’t think they could believe it either!

I have to tell you I felt so bad for this young woman.  She was crying and kept apologizing. It was such a sad scene to witness but, of course, I was concerned for Janie first and foremost so I didn’t express the compassion for this girl who just hit our car.

The police also told us when they tried to call the girl’s mother to let her know her daughter had just been in an accident, the mother sounded drunk also and just hung up the phone.

She was taken to jail and charged with DUI. We checked today and she is still behind bars with a $1500 secured bond.  Janie, meanwhile, is resting.

Thank God my grandson, Jarod, wasn’t in the car–which he normally is–but he was at home in bed.

I have always been an advocate for MADD–Mothers against drunk drivers—but now that this is up close and personal, I have become an even STRONGER advocate. 

My question here is why aren’t young people getting the message that alcohol and driving don’t mix? 

And let’s hope and pray that this wake-up call is answered.