I’m a Cleveland Browns fan and have been ever since I can remember.  My mom went to school with one of the original Browns (Marion Motley) and my dad used to take me to some of the games.

All of you baby boomers who are true die-hard football fans will remember a quarterback named Brian Sipe.  He led the Browns to many thrilling moments and caused many of us fans to go into near cardiac arrest while watching them come back from big deficits to win games.  They became known as the “Kardiac Kids.”

Flip the script 30 years later and there’s a new group of cardiac kids.  But instead of being in Cleveland, we’re here in North Carolina.  Our thrilling moments come when we can walk a mile rather effortlessly around the track and breathe without contantly grasping for air.

We are the cardiac patients undergoing cardiotherapy at Duke Center for Living.  It’s one of the best kept secrets with state of the art equipment and real professionals who genuinely care about our health and well being. 

Maybe the fact that it costs $107 a session has something to do with that genuine concern 🙂

Knowing I have congestive heart failure and heart disease is the #1 killer of women over 40 makes me thrilled to know Duke’s Center for Living is part of the best that healthcare has to offer for this new breed of cardiac kids.