Beverly Mahone is a veteran journalist, author, baby boomer expert and motivational speaker.  When she isn’t writing, she is enjoying her husband, Nate and two-year-old grandson, Jarod.  Her daughter, Janie, is a freshman in college.

Her books:

Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

Upcoming Books:

Makes Your MESS–Your MESSAGE

Don’t Ask & I Won’t Have to Lie


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Beverly, of course you do not remember me, but I am Jeaneen McIlwain’s mother. My book club, The Still I Rise Book Club, is looking for a guest speaker to come to CAnton. The last speaker we hosted was five years ago and it was Yolanda Joe. Of course we do not have any money, we are a book club, but we include in the cost of admission one copy of your latest book which we purchase from you or a book store. We are thinking about some date in the spring or next fall. Please reply to the email above if you think we might be able to arrange something. Thanks.

  2. Bev,

    Sorry we’ve been out of contact since I “met” you on Twitter (what a world!)…. been a little busy here.

    But what I love about the Internet is keeping up with people and you are a special personal I follow and listen to on the blogcast radio.

    Keep up all the great stuff you’re doing!

    Mary Anne

  3. Shawn Says:

    You wouldn’t of happened to have been on WLAB 88.3 out of Fort Wayne, Indiana in the past month doing an interview? All I caught as I put my headphones on at work was something like “Let your mess be your message” or Makes Your MESS–Your MESSAGE. Either way, it has spoken to me in a deep way! God Bless.

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